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Getting visitors engaged on a site is one of the most important things every blog owner looks out for. Some people prefer writing comments, while most don’t have the time for it, effectively causing the engagement level to go down. The MyEffecto plugin solves this issue. As a site manager, I’ve noticed how freely people “vote” using the plugin as opposed to commenting.


Unplugtech is a weblog interested in profiling and reviewing startups, latest Web-based products, Techie Gadgets and News. They reviewed myeffecto and published report on how Myeffecto Increased their 25% of reader's engagment (Report) on their blog... read on

- Omkar Bhosale, Blogger,

I was looking for a nice plugin where the readers of my blog can rate the post using emotions or emoticons. There are several plugins available, but somehow I didn't like any.... read more

- Krishna Chandran , Business Analyst, Blogger,

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