About Us

We’re small band Of "Techies" trying to bring Something New to this Digital World. We have bunch of coders and innovative thinkers in our team.


We all love writing. Most of us may have our own websites. However the workflow of reading, replying & scanning through those numerous comments, just to get an honest response seems broken to us. It's very random and scattered.

MyEffecto grew from this frustration. We provide you with a completely new feedback system with detailed analytics built right into the heart of the My Effecto.

It started as the venture to express our emotion to the world, please Join us and leave your effect to this world.

Drop us an email at support@myeffecto.com


How MyEffecto helps you:

  • Create custom emotional feedback button sets for specific blog posts: The author of the post can specifically choose which MyEffecto emotional feedback set she would like to have for each particular post. To get the most suitable reply, she can also frame the right question along with the emoticon feedback set.

  • Capture instant, visual and measurable feedback from your readers: Likes tend to be uni-dimensional and doesn't really capture the flavor of the feedback. Comments, on the other hand, need moderation. They can also be too tedious to fill or may see comment threads go in a direction that is absolutely off-topic. MyEffecto helps you capture a range of expression on how they feel - which no other feedback mechanism can capture.

  • Increase reader engagement: Barely 1% of readers give any sort of feedback to posts and articles. Our early trials have seen this number go upto 20%. If the emotion placed resonates well with the audience, the feedback capture is higher among the click happy customers.

  • Increase time spent on site by audience: 2 minutes is the average time spent on a media site or blog by a reader. By providing recommended reads based on the feedback readers have provided on a particular post, the widget encourages readers to read similarly tagged articles and thereby increase time spent on site.

  • Get emotion tagged articles v/s keyword tagged articles: Get audience tagged content based on the outcome of the article. The effect of such articles where audience say that it made them feel ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ may not necessarily be captured through keywords in the posts.

  • Get insightful engagement analytics: While pageviews could happen due to multiple reasons, Myeffecto you get a dashboard that helps you get insightful engagement analytics based on the feedback readers provided - what content gets most feedback, what time of day is best for highest feedback, what percentage of readers provided feedback.
This is an offical MyEffecto plugin that lets you embed the Javascript integration code into your pages.


  • A customizable emoticon based feedback button set for instant feedback capture.

  • Once feedback provided, the emotion-tagged article can be shared along with the url of the article over social networks.

  • Dynamic feedback-triggered real-time content recommendation engine.

  • Get insightful engagement analytics.

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