1. Login in to MyEffecto account, create plugin by Selecting Platform Blogger.
  2. Configure/Customize the plugin for your blog
  3. Please login to blogger before adding the widget
  4. Click on the "Add My Configured Plugin" button to add myeffecto on your site
  5. Click on "Add Widget" button
  6. Congrats! Plugin will now appear below your blog post

Place the plugin above comment section

  • MyEffecto Plugin always appears below the post. How place it anywhere on my Blog?
    • Go to Template -> Edit Html
    • Click on Edit Screen and Press Ctrl+F to search 'effecto_bar'
    • You will find a div with id='effecto_bar' now remove attribute footer='true' (refer image below)
    • Click Save Template
    • Now go to Layout and position MyEffecto Widget wherever you want.
    • Click Save arrangement. That's it

    Can we provide MyEffecto plugin for a post in Blogger?

    Once configure according to the installation steps MyEffecto will automatically configure it for all posts in Blogger.

    Why is it necessary to add title to "HTML/JavaScript gadget" ?

    Title created added a section in Template section to paste the embed code provided by MyEffecto.