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Wordpress ShortCode

Note: You can change postion of myeffecto plugin in wordpress using myeffecto wordpress short-code.

  1. Update your wordpress plugin to version 1.0.37 or greater

  2. Add the short-code "[effecto-bar]" on your post/html, were you want the plugin to appear

  3. After adding the short-code

Note : ShortCode cannot be used multiple times in same page

ShortCode For Home Page

Position your emoticon plugin wherever you want using following steps

  1. Go to Myeffecto Setting page at wordpress and uncheck 'Home Page' option and save settings

  2. Now in wordpress admin panel go to Appearance -> Editor

  3. Select homepage related file of your theme, for example index.php

  4. Now use the shortcode [effecto-bar id="home"] like example given below

    PHP Code   :   <?php echo do_shortcode('[effecto-bar id=\'home\']')?>

  5. Now check your homepage

Contact support@myeffecto.com for any queries

Note: These instructions are for self-hosted Wordpress installations.

  1. In the left panel of your Wordpress admin, select Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for "MyEffecto"
  3. Select Install Now > Activate Plugin
  4. Select MyEffecto in the Settings in the left panel.
  5. Now MyEffecto's Default plugin is Added to you blog. If you want to customize you plugin click Create New OR Edit.
  6. Configure plugin settings like language of your choice,Emoji Style etc. Select the emotion set which fits your requirements.

    You can also create you own set by clicking Create new button. After that click on the emotion set of your choice.

    Click Finish (Your plugin is now installed and ready to use).
  7. You can also edit your current set. You can edit the emotion names the plugin title with your own message. Click Finish and Done.
  8. Please go to your post and view the default selected emotion for all your posts/blogs.
  9. You can also configure for each post by changing the default set of emotions for each blogs.

    How can I make myeffecto visible for certain posts and set to off as default for others

    • Go to myeffecto settings page at wordpress
    • Uncheck all option at 'Show plugin on' section
    • Now use myeffecto shortcode to place plugin wherever you want on post

    Can MyEffecto be used on WordPress.com?

    MyEffecto can currently be used only on self-hosted WordPress sites (i.e., using the WordPress.org software); WordPress does not allow plugins on WordPress.com-hosted sites. as per WordPress documentation here.

    I have added the MyEffecto Feeback Plugin. But I can't see the Configuration option in "Add New Post tab"

    Nothing to worry about. Simply refresh the page. If the problem persists, please write to us at support@myeffecto.com.

    Is user's website database will be used for MyEffecto plugin?

    Here in wordpress platform a table will be created which will store the data necessary to show the MyEffecto plugin.

    How can I remove Myeffecto branding or 'Powered By Myeffecto' from my blog?

    Myeffecto is free for all Bloggers

    We are not doing any promotion of our product right now, so powered by link are important for us

    But some exemption can be made if you sent us a mail at support@myeffecto.com and state the reason why you want to remove the powered by link

Most-Voted Widget

  • Update your wordpress plugin to version 2.3 or greater
  • Use short-code [effecto-emo-bar] on you post or page and publish it to view the widget
  • To use short-code inside php file follow this syntax : <?php echo do_shortcode('[effecto-emo-bar]')?>

  • To load content with specific emotion you can use the attribute emo
    For Example: [effecto-emo-bar emo="Love"] will load content which has most voted emoticon has love
  • To adjust the height and width of widget use the attribute height and width
    For Example: [effecto-emo-bar width="100%" height="600px"] (Use 'px' or '%' unit as in css)
  • For further customization or queries contact support@myeffecto.com